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  • Zhejiang Commercial Machinery Factory is specialized in designing and manufacturing of variety refrigerant compressor, condensing unit and various low-temperature multi-over-lapping units, cold-water unit, vessel unit, integrated- refrigerator etc cold storage equipments.
    Founded in 1970 and occupied 26 unit of area in Hangzhou City, the enterprise was one modern garden-type factory site with 20-thousand M2 ...   

  • 产品名称: Xueying Semi-hermetic Refrigeration Compressor(BR13Z4-63.5)

  • 产品名称: Xueying Semi-hermetic Refrigeration Compressor(BR16DS6-31.8)

  • 产品名称: NJB15Z4-73.6

  • 产品名称: NJB20Z4-84.5

  • 产品名称: NJB25Z4-101.1

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  • 产品名称: production license

  • 产品名称: Air conditioning installation quality certificate

  • 产品名称: Pressure vessel license

  • 产品名称: Marine product type approval certificate

  • 产品名称: CE certification

  • 产品名称: Certificate CRAA

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